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Family Activities

The Best Kid-Centric Podcasts

Written by Kate MacLean

Photography by Amy Abrams, Photographed By Heather Moore

Commuting to and fro the myriad of children’s activities can produce at best napping children and at worst antsy, screaming ones. If you’re like many parents and have been searching for the perfect car ride solution that lies somewhere between educational and entertaining, why not look to the podcast. Much like its function in entertaining commuting adults, the kid-podcast can be a valuable tool in your parental handbag for combatting the long drive. Instead of subjecting yourself to inane audio books with creepy voiceovers, you can turn to these eight kid-friendly podcasts to keep you—and the kiddos—from losing your collective family-mind, while sitting in traffic trying to get from flute lessons to karate class and back home again.

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