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Want/Need: Popupshop

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Courtesy of Popupshop

If you saw our recent roundup of boy-friendly baby leggings, we’re guessing your heart stopped a little when you peeped those polar bear-printed wonders front and center. And now we’re going to do you a favor and introduce you to the brand that created such an adorable piece (and lots more like it). Enter, Popupshop, a Copenhagen-based children’s line founded by Marie-Louise and Luca Romagnoli in 2007.

“Everything was striped and in bright colors at that time,” Luca tells us of their beginnings. “We started the line because we felt that there was a need for something that was more simple in its aesthetics in terms of form, color, and overall expression. We are aiming to make collections that are meant for everyday use, in good quality, and, at the same time, affordable. I would describe Popupshop as a good choice for everyday basics and styles that are easy to mix and match.”

With no previous fashion experience before starting the label, the designers have been spinning out easy, sustainable staples (sweaters, harem pants, tees, leggings, and swimsuits)  in made-you-look prints, including oversized images of roaring tigers and sharks with their jaws wide open. The pair also has a small womenswear collection they are looking to expand, along with their kids’ outerwear offerings.

What else is up next for the inventive duo? “We are working on making a high-tech line with more focus on intelligent fabrics and production methods to give us more possibilities in terms of fabric choices without having to change our core focus on sustainability. We are also maybe relocating to L.A. in the not-too-distant future.”

You can buy goods from Popupshop on its website, or stateside at Sweet William in Brooklyn.


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