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Photo via Martha Stewart

15 Recipes To Bring A New Mom

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photo via Martha Stewart

When a new mom brings home her little bundle of joy, she’s overcome by a love like no other. The last thing on her mind during those first couple of weeks while soaking up her newborn baby and navigating a multitude of new duties is what to eat for dinner, let alone finding the time to shop for and prepare it. One of the most thoughtful and helpful gifts a friend or family member can give a new mama (and new papa) is to set up a “mealtrain,” or a nightly dinner drop-off.

In the two weeks (and preferably more) that follow baby’s birth, contact mom and dad’s closest buds and ask them to pick a night to deliver a hot meal, ready to eat. Or they can prepare a make-ahead dish that can be popped into the freezer and heated up when needed. This is a great way to keep the new family happy and full. Without further ado, we’ve rounded up 15 recipes that are great for new moms. All are nursing-friendly so they won’t upset baby’s little tummy, and so mom can concentrate solely on the things that matter!

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