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Sakara’s New Prenatal Supports Moms Before, During, & After Pregnancy

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Victoria Gloria

Founded by best friends Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise in 2011, Sakara has become hands-down one of the hottest hubs for nutrition over the past decade. What started as a delicious plant-based meal delivery service has expanded to include a variety of supplements, teas, bars, beauty potions, and other treats, all in the most beautiful packaging. Lucky for us, the brand’s latest offering is all about the mamas. Dubbed The Foundation Prenatal, the new wonder is being described as “the cleanest prenatal on the planet,” thanks to its organic, whole food-based ingredients.

Inspired by Tingle and DuBoise’s recent 2020 pregnancies (yep, the two were adorably pregnant at the same time!), The Foundation Prenatal is tailored for the preconception period all the way through postpartum. Because, as the founders explain (and we agree with), “your pregnancy is more than just three trimesters. It’s creation, it’s growth, and ultimately, it’s change.”

With that transformation in mind, the Sakara Prenatal includes a combo of 7 plant-based pills that cater to the many stages of mom and baby development. Each daily pill pack includes two Superfood Multis (from A to zinc, including iron and folate), a Complete Priobiotic (with 11 strains of good bacteria), Macro Minerals (calcium and magnesium sourced from algae), Algae Omega (Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA sourced from marine microalgae), Super Greens (pure chlorella), and Essential Choline (that’s vegan-friendly!).

You can take a closer look at The Foundation Prenatal and learn more about how it’s good for mothers and Mother Earth as we take it for a spin with mama-to-be Victoria Gloria in our slideshow below!

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