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Your September 2016 Horoscope

Written by Christie Craft


It’s that time again. Your September astrological predictions by our columnist Christie Craft are in! Read on for a general overview and click into your sign below for a detailed forecast!

Summer seems stale and boring as September starts, and we’re just itching for a change of pace. Though we may not all be going back to school for a new term this month, there’s no reason why we can’t focus the season’s vital energy on making sweeping strides towards progress and refinement. The most successful students are always the most organized, and the solar eclipse and new moon in meticulous Virgo on September 1 will lend just the right level of obsession with organization to ensure each sign can go the distance. Productivity will feel super-charged, too, especially for Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, and Gemini.

Just days later on September 9, planetary ruler of abundance, luck, and expansion, Jupiter, will move into cool-headed and graceful air sign Libra. Jupiter in such a congenial sign signals the need to incorporate others into our plans, even if our comfort zone dwells in flying solo. Pushing yourself to go beyond your usual limits and make yourself temporarily uncomfortable will have glittering rewards. Each new friendly acquaintance made in September can be considered a strategic alliance—one with tremendous perks for many years to come.

Mid-month on September 16, a lunar eclipse and full moon in dreamy, imaginative Pisces will give us permission to live out our innermost fantasies with a partner. This lunation can be a fun, playful release, but its energy can also shatter illusions we’ve been unhealthily leaning on as a crutch. After this eclipse, we won’t be able to lie to ourselves anymore. Once logical Mercury stations direct on September 22, we’re forced back down to earth to forge ahead into reality.

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