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September 2019 Horoscopes


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It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these September 2019 horoscopes below, then clicking into your specific sign in our slideshow.

Sleepy-Eyed September 

Along with settling into the school year, September sees the summer slow down and mature into crisp fall in the Northern Hemisphere. And while the calendar might urge motivation, the stars tell a different story this month. Inertia overpowers action during a complex full moon in Pisces on September 14, directly opposing Mars and Neptune. This will be a slippery lunation where progress will temporarily halt or even regress. Significant forward momentum is virtually in-achievable mid month, so you are better off taking this week to chill and enjoy the escape. 

Luxurious Venus will stride hand-in-hand with chatty Mercury into balanced Libra on September 14, refreshing our intellect and aesthetic for the season. Harmony and composure will rule the day, and our most important relationships will come into a pleasant focus. Saturn energizes all 12 signs with a heavy jolt of empowerment when the planet of responsibility and maturity stations direct after a long and chaotic retrograde phase on September 18. This transit urges us to seize the reins of personal responsibility and become the authority of our lives. Life in general stabilizes when we realize no one but ourselves is in control.

New alliances and fast friendships have potential to be forged during the Libra new moon on September 28. Whether a new partnership is related to business or your personal life, interpersonal bonds formed during this lunation are sure to be supportive, equitable, and harmoniously collaborative. Consider September’s private victories the bricks that pave the path to significant success in October.

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