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Photography by Heather Moore
Mother Stories

Meet Mimi and Talia: Two Single Moms By Choice Who Share A Sperm Donor & Special Family Connection

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photography by Heather Moore

It’s a double-mother feature today—an incredible story of how two women made their individual families, then grew them exponentially by combining forces! Mimi and Talia live on opposite coasts (San Francisco and NYC, respectively), and knew nothing of each other when they each decided to have a child on their own seven years ago. But they ended up selecting the same sperm donor, and shortly after their kids were born, they connected on a private Facebook group set up for families who had all used that particular donor—identified only by a 5-digit number. From their online profiles, Mimi and Talia had reason to believe they would hit it off, so when the kids—Talia’s son Rian, and Mimi’s daughter, Logan—were 2 years old, they decided to meet up and find out. Not only did the women make an instant connection, but they were shocked at the uncanny resemblance of their children, who both had golden locks, button noses, sleepy-yet-thoughtful gazes, and pouty smiles. Ever since that first visit, the families have made a point to see each other regularly, including spending some holidays together as an extended crew. The kids call each other brother and sister, and are both avid builders and enthusiastic skateboarders. We were lucky enough to tag along with them during their most recent meet up over the holidays, when Mimi and Logan came out to Brooklyn for a few days to hang with Talia and Rian (and crash at their gorgeous brownstone). Click through the slideshow below  to meet this exceptional crew and learn more about Mimi and Talia’s experience as single moms by choice, and members of an extra-special extended family.

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  1. Tara says...

    As a 33 year old woman who is starting the process of single mom by choice i’d love MORE of these stories. I am starting IUI last week and just a picked a sperm donor. I cannot find much on the internet sharing this stories. Women are not letting a relationship define when and how they get pregnant. Please and thank you more of this.

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