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Must-See: An Incredible 35-square-foot Nursery

Written by Natalie Goel

Photography by Photography by Natalie Goel and Chris Jennings

Yes, we may all wish for sprawling abodes. But the 35-square-foot bedroom/nursery that San Francisco residents Erin Feher and Danny Montoya share with their beautiful baby girl, Orion, actually has us dreaming of tiny spaces to share with our tiny humans.

How much warmth and personality can you pack into a mere 7×5 foot room? More than we ever thought possible, thanks to the seasoned hands (and downright precious offspring) of the former California Home + Design editor-in-chief (and current S.F. editor at Red Tricycle) and Key & Kite craftsman.

Here, the industry pros invite us into their shared family bedroom, built from the ground up. With a handmade loft, dresser, closet, crib, and bookshelves, plus artwork and decor created by loved ones, their casa is a shining example of how small spaces can inspire massive creativity.

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