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Spring Break Ideas For The Whole Family

Written by Mindy White

Photography by Photograph by Gray Malin

It’s about that time—spring break is just around the corner. For some of us, that used to mean road trips with friends to some sloppy, party beach, but these days we’re just happy to have a week off to veg-out and relax. However, with the cold winter season (finally) nearing an end, you may be begging for an escape—literally. If you’re quite not sure where to venture off to, we’ve got you covered with a list of ideas that the whole family can enjoy—even your inner teen self.

Road Trip. Why not take a journey with the family for a couple of days and visit a nearby city or state? There’s a lot of fun and discovering to be had on a road trip as you drive through big cities and small towns learning about America’s history. Plan ahead by hunting down some local eateries, parks, museums, and tourist stops along the way, and reserve a nice inn or bed and breakfast for the night. Pack some snacks, drinks, and games for the drive and get to cruising!

Cruise. Feeling like a sea-scape? Cruises are one of the top vacations because they are all-inclusive, packed with entertainment, and perfect for family fun. Besides visiting gorgeous beaches, there are tons of things to explore on the ship—restaurants, broadway shows, bowling alleys, movie theaters, arcades, night clubs, mini golf, bars, pools, and more. Some cruises even offer complementary daycare, incase you want to steal a night alone with your love.

Act Like A Tourist. If you live in (or near) a city with a lot of history, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to take the family on a sightseeing adventure. Look up local monuments, caves, and parks that provide walking tours along with some historic restaurants to grab a bite to eat. And don’t forget the disposable cameras—the kids will love taking their own photos and have so much fun playing tourist along with learning the history around them.

Gardening Day. Plan a nice staycation with the family by throwing a gardening party. Grab a bunch of plants, trees, and vegetables for the yard, along with mini house plants for you and your kids to raise. It’s a great experience for the little ones to learn about creating life, growing their own food, and using their green thumbs. Plus, kids like to get dirty and will love seeing their plants grow. For lunch, fire up the grill and serve fresh vegetables to show them how beneficial planting is. Afterwards, make a fun dirt cake for dessert to keep it festive!

Day Trip. Not wanting to be away from home for too long? Take a day trip! This way, you get to venture out to other cities, but still sleep in your own bed at night (and save a good amount of money). Look for nearby attractions like theme parks, monuments, beaches, festivals, shows, hiking trails, and wineries. Pack a big cooler of food and drinks for the trip, a portable TV or iPad to entertain the little ones, and make a list of places to eat, shop, and explore during the outing.

Camp Out. Are you the type who has always talked about going camping, but never actually made it happen? The time is now! Research local spots close to home and find a great campground that’s family-friendly. Pack the car with tents, sleeping bags, camping food and drinks, and hit the road. This outing is not only a super-fun, but also a great bonding experience because you strip down to basics, learn to work together, and you’re forced to take a break from all the electronics and distractions. Tip: Buy a portable shower ahead of time and thank us later.

Volunteer. Rethink the idea of a vacation by volunteering together as a family in your community. Many organizations sponsor spring break getaways (some even to other states and countries) that involve giving back, protecting the environment, and rebuilding homes. With just a few days of volunteer work, you can help house a less-fortunate family, save a local park (and wildlife) from littering, or simply make a difference in someone’s life. It’s a great learning opportunity for kids and adults, too.

Have Some Local Fun. Take the family somewhere special that everyone can enjoy, like the zoo, the science center, or the children’s museum. It’s a great way to get out of the house, while teaching the kids about science and animals. Make the day extra fun by following up with a movie night at home with a classics kid’s flick—don’t forget the popcorn and candy!

Keep It In The Backyard. Create an exciting treasure hunt for the whole family to enjoy. Make a list of riddles or clues about specific objects around your home or backyard for the kids to solve and find and award special prizes for each child. Other fun games you could try are a peg-leg race, pillowcase hop, or an egg toss.

Movie Marathon. Plan a back-to-back movie day with the family turning your living room into a mini-movie theater. Create a line to the entrance with rope, and have the family tun in their movie passes to a cardboard ticket booth. And don’t forget to serve popcorn, candy, and soda floats!

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