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The Best Star Wars Gear For Kids (And Adults!)

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

It’s no secret that this is officially Star Wars week with the release of Episode VIII being the biggest North American opening of all time (not to mention, it also broke numerous records overseas). But for most of us, Star Wars has always been the biggest and best thing to happen to film. You may own a t-shirt or the box set on dvd, but with the hype going around, it seems like everyone is making memorabilia. So, if your kids are gaga over Chewbacca, you’re a mega-fan of the series yourself, or you happen to be searching for a last-minute gift for the ultimate force extremist, we’ve got you covered with everything from a Star Wars-themed shower curtain and cutting board to cookie cutters and a Millennium Falcon bed! View our gallery below to check out these stellar goodies and get your Jedi on!

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