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Photographed by Maria Del Rio
Kid Style

I Agreed To Be #StyledByMyKid & Here Are The Results!

Written by Ali Hall Maring for Zappos

Photography by Photographed by Maria Del Rio

Sometimes the quickest way to truly see inside your kid’s head is to give them the reins for a bit and see where they lead you. Wondering what their favorite foods are these days? Have them pick the dinner spot one night. Not sure what activities they’re into? Make them the designated cruise director on a Saturday. So, we immediately hopped on board when Zappos reached out to collaborate on their fun new series, Styled By My Kid, which takes things to the extreme to answer a seemingly unanswerable question: What do kids really think of their parent’s personal style? And, if given the chance, what would they want their parents to wear?

First up in this fashion trust-fall exercise is our very own Katie Hintz-Zambrano, editor of Mother, and founder of In Good Company, an annual conference for creative, entrepreneurial women. Diego, her five-year-old son (and now stylist), was tasked with picking out outfits for Katie for three different activities: the morning school run, a weekend playdate, and a date night with dad. And though he embraced the assignment with gusto, “I was alarmed by the amount of black he chose,” jokes Katie. See what other surprises Diego had in store for his mama, with picks that revealed a love of sparkle, sports, and yes, the color black.

If something strikes your fancy in this feature, you can shop the looks here, plus check out even more shots (and future #StyledByMyKid experiments) on Zappos’ Instagram account.

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