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Photography by Carina Skrobecki

Superfood-Stuffed Recipes That Kids Will Love

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photography by Carina Skrobecki for Simply Real Eating

Want to get your kids to eat butternut squash and beets for breakfast? Then you definitely need to get you hands on Sarah Adler’s latest cookbook, Simply Real Eating. And unlike so many kid-centric recipes that encourage “sneaking” healthy foods into dishes, Sarah’s approach is all about using the healthy, fresh, and sometimes unexpected ingredients because they make the final dishes super delicious and fun to eat. Bringing joy to the act of eating is major for Sarah, as she, like so many women, had a complicated relationship with food for much of her life, obsessing over counting fat, calories, and carbs. It was a trip to Italy that changed her perspective, and sparked a healthy love affair with cooking and eating. Now a mama to adorable (and green-smoothie-loving) Noah, age 1, her philosphy of using simple ingredients and finding joy in the kitchen is even more important. With delicious recipes like smoothie bowls packed with raspberries, beets, and avocado, and butternut squash and cardamon pancakes, Sarah is using wholesome ingredients to create dishes that kids will want to eat. Not to mention, the recipes are all gluten-free, many with five ingredients or less, and all have options to customize for other dietary needs.

Below, Sarah shares eight of her favorite superfood-stuffed recipes for kids from her new book below. Click through them all then give one a try tonight!

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