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Photographed by Heather Moore
Mother Stories

Meet Brooklyn Designer And Mama Suzanne Rae

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Heather Moore

It’s always the best feeling when you realize that cool, indie designer you’ve been following online is also a mother. Which is precisely what happened with Suzanne Rae, a Brooklyn-based, minimalist-leaning designer who creates with feminism, socio-economics, and art history in mind. Along with juggling the demands of running an emerging fashion brand, Rae also plays mama to 4-year-old Ella Ophelia, who just so happens to star alongside her mom in the latest, just-released Suzanne Rae lookbook—an adorable must-see you can flip through here. Want to get to know this one-to-watch designer? Take a tour of Rae’s home (which she dubs “neo-Filipino”), and read her thoughts on design, motherhood, and more.

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