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Target Launches Furniture Line for Kids With Sensory Sensitivities

Written by Erin Feher

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Photo Courtesy of Target

For some families, shopping for furniture is about more that what looks best in a room. Some kids, including many with autism or other special needs, have sensory sensitivities, so simple activities like snuggling up and reading on the sofa or sitting still for dinner can be challenging.

And while there are specialty companies that sell functional products to help, the pieces are typically expensive and not so pretty to look at. So, the announcement from Target—a company known for its expertise in melding style with affordability—that it just launched a 20-piece collection aimed at families with these unique needs is being met with major cheers.

“We want all guests to feel welcome and included at Target,” says Julie Guggemos, senior vice president of brand management and product design. She says that it was after Target launched its Cat & Jack and Universal Thread adaptive and sensory-friendly apparel lines, designed for all sizes, abilities, and needs, that they truly understood how little details can have a huge impact. “I’m so proud to bring that spirit of inclusivity and incredible design to Pillowfort’s new sensory-friendly assortment, which hopefully can bring more ease and joy to our guests’ everyday lives.”

The line includes extra-plush cocoon seats that hug little bodies, and rocking chairs for kids who like to move around when sitting at a table or desk, enabling (and encouraging!) increased motion. Some kids with sensory sensitivities enjoy the feeling of soft fabrics and interesting textures, so a collection of floor cushions, like a soft pineapple with a crinkly crown, encourage sensory exploration. There’s also a super soft weighted blanket that applies light pressure for relaxation and calmness, great for kids who can get restless when trying to sleep or sit still. The indoor sensory tent is ideal for quiet time, and for kids who get easily distracted. Spacious enough to fit a small desk, it’s a chill spot for kids to do homework or read.

Target’s full Pillowfort line is available now, and you can check out all their pieces for yourself right here and shop some of our favorite pieces below.

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