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Kid Style

The Teen Closet, Solved

Written by Samantha Bouvant-Hughes

Photography by Photo via Morley

Once you find out that you’re pregnant (and even sometimes way before that) the search begins for the perfect baby wardrobe for the new addition to the family. There are no limits to how far us moms will go to find the best crocheted booties or the most unique little onesie. But before you know it, ten years pass and you are scratching your head wondering, “Where did all of the cute clothes go for my (now older) babe?”

Dressing a 10-16 year old is not as easy as it was when they were teeny-tiny and shopping for adorable wares was a walk in the park. Now they are somewhere between tweens and teens, and kids and adults, which is not an easy age on so many fronts. But don’t fret, a host of brands have heard the cries for our sartorial help, at least, designing with these pre-adults in mind. Trust, the crisis in cool is starting to look less glum for an older sis and bro.

Click through our slideshow to see our round-up of some new and cool teen brands to help with some of that wardrobe angst.

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