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Photographed by Wilmarose Orlanes

3 Moms Share Their Go-To Healthy Recipes

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Lily Glass

If the New Year has you set on living and eating healthier (and getting your kids to do the same), we’ve got some inspiration for you. We’ve tapped three inspiring California-based mothers—photographer Lily Glass, prop stylist Wilmarose Orlanes, and entrepreneur Barrett Prendergast—to invite us into their homes and discuss their top tips for getting nutrients into kids, their current go-to recipes and self-care practices, how their work lives have been impacted by the pandemic, and more!

Plus, each of these talented mamas were tasked with whipping up a tasty recipe with Tejari’s organic, plant-based superfood protein blends. Founded by Atlanta-based mother-of-two Roma Patel (get to know her more here!), each Tejari blend is jam-packed with organic fruits and spices and contains no added sugar, preservatives, or flavors. Making it perfect for the whole family!

Below, check out our interviews with this trio of mothers and three easy and delicious recipes—we’re talking chocolate avocado mousse, vegan cocoa muffins, and blueberry-spinach smoothie bowls—to add to your 2021 repertoire pronto!

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