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Want/Need: The Great (And The Great Little)

Written by Liz Kerins Pacheco

Photography by Photo via The Great

When it comes to practical, chic wear with just the right amount of feminine, tomboy, and simplicity, The Great does it best. This new fashion favorite is the brain-child of Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, the creative duo behind the popular fashion brand, Current / Elliott. Known for their amazingly-fitting denim, the two set out to create a line that captures their love for playfulness and wonder in American classics—and that’s exactly what they did! For this new endeavor, they’ve left out the denim (for now) and focused on displaying their affection for vintage and nostalgia by working with a wide-range of gorgeous fabrics and simple silhouettes. We’re talking swing-back cuts and strategically placed frills added to the most comfortable, slouchy trousers, blouses, dresses, and tops. But they didn’t stop there—The Great Little is the “daughter” to the stylish women’s brand, with matching mini-me tops, sweatshirts, and bottoms for kids. We’re huge fans of both collections and feel like for once we don’t have to say, “I wish that came in my size!”

From the perfect college-inspired sweatshirt to the dressed-up, but not too dressed-up ruffled tee, you and your mini-me will be strolling in style in no time. Check out some of our favorite styles below and be sure to head over to The Great to view their dreamy, multi-category collection in it’s entirety.

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