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We Want To See: The Mama Sherpas

Written by Patrice D'Agostino

Photography by Photo Courtesy of The Mama Sherpas

If you are alarmed by the rising number of C-sections performed on pregnant women (over 30% in the U.S.), we have the perfect film for you! The Mama Sherpas highlights the work of midwives and doctors to provide “collaborative care” to pregnant women, offsetting the sometimes dangerous trend of C-section births without medical necessity. Narrated through the perspectives of mamas and midwifes, the documentary provides a closer look at the modern midwifery model and its positive impact on birthing. Sounds like some intriguing food for thought, right?

Well, you’ll be even more excited to know the powerhouse duo behind The Business of Being Born and Breastmilk, Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, are once again trailblazing as the executive producers of this film. Lake and Epstein (along with director Brigid Maher), say they hope The Mama Sherpas “will help to educate and enlighten future generations of expectant parents on a more humanistic and family-centered approach to having babies.” We have no doubt it will achieve this goal and much more.

The Mama Sherpas is set to premiere on May 27th in Los Angeles, followed by regional, VOD, and DVD releases (rest assured we’ll keep you up to date on those). In the meantime, catch the heartfelt trailer below.

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