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The Throw Pillow: A Quick Way To Upgrade Your Space In A Jiff

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Any interior designer will tell you that when it comes to making a home truly cozy, it’s all in the details—the unique discoveries, family heirlooms, and all the little bits and pieces that bring color, texture, and personality to a space. As we all know, decorating can be expensive, so sometimes it’s best to start with the basics and one of our most favorite ways to add flair to a room is with throw pillows. These simple, functional additions can take a bland, stale room and turn it into a lively, comfortable one. And the best part is, you can move them from room to room anytime you need some change. We’re willing to bet that with these 25+ options below, you’ll find more than a few that fit your decor and budget.

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