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Bath Time Essentials For Toddlers

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

When your baby reaches toddlerhood things become pretty exciting. They’re walking, putting together words, playing longer and harder, exploring more, and getting dirtier! Bath time is a regular part of your day, whether you choose to bathe your little squirt first thing in the morning or right before bed. Your babe has (most likely) already transitioned from infant tub to the bath tub, which, in itself, is more fun because there’s plenty of room to splash and play. But some toddlers have a hard time making the transition from small tub to big, and bath time can become more of a battle than a treat. With your little fish in mind, we’re bringing you our list of bath time essentials for toddlers to keep them happy, safe, and squeaky clean!

Safety: Bathtubs can be fun, but also dangerous if young kids aren’t monitored while inside. Stay by their side and keep your eyes on them at all times. A non-slip tub mat or pad is a great way to help prevent unnecessary slips and spills. It’s also a good idea to get a faucet cover to keep the sharp metal corners of the spout hidden. We love this one by Puj. It stays on, unlike some of its competitors. Another must-have is a bathmat right outside the tub to soak up water and prevent slipping and sliding. Make sure to get one with a grippy bottom for extra safety.

Toys: Kids love to splash and play while in the tub and good bath toys are a must. We love these little squirties from Elegant Baby. They come in all different shapes and characters from animals to cars. We also fancy this stacking bath toy from Boon and these fun scrubbers. Of course, the bath tub isn’t complete without a tugboat to sail across the soapy water. This one from Green Toys has a spout for easy filling and pouring. Bath toy storage is a must to keep your toddler’s play things clean and dry when not in use. We suggest the Frog Pod with scoop for easy clean up, or this neoprene and mesh version from Skip Hop is a good contender.

Toiletries: With so many different shampoos and baby washes on the market, it’s hard to know which one is best. Of course, there are several great products out there to get the job done, but our favorites happen to be the Honest Company Shampoo and Conditioner set. If your little one has a head full of hair, it’s great to start with a gentle conditioner to help combat tangles. We also love Mustela for its gentle formula and intoxicating scent. To help rinse your little one’s hair after a good wash, we recommend this shampoo rinser from Munchkin. It’s made of a flexible material that molds to your tikes head to keep water and suds away from his or her face.

Linens: To help clean those hard to reach places behind the ears and in-between toes, you can count on a soft washrag to get the job done. We suggest this trio from Aden + Anais. They come in an assortment of colors and prints and are made from muslin to ensure they are gentle on precious skin. When bath time is done, dry your toddler off with a super soft, hooded towel like this one from Puj. It’s light-weigh and large in size, so you can easily wrap up small babes to tall toddlers. Kids also love these zoo towels from The Land Of Nod. They tend to encourage those who don’t want bath time to end to wrap up like their favorite animal!

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