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Pregnancy Style: Lingerie Designer TyLynn Nguyen

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Michelle Drewes

Want visual confirmation of the oft-discussed “pregnancy glow”? TyLynn Nguyen’s gleaming mug is a good place to start. The model-turned-lingerie designer (okay, okay, she is a model) has been downright radiant during her second pregnancy, all the way through the very last stretch, which is what stopped us in our tracks when first discovering her via Instagram. And with a beautiful toddler girl already in her life, a bouncing baby boy on the way, a loving and creative partnership with her husband, and her eponymous business, TyLynn Nguyen Intimates, gaining steam, she’s got a whole lot of reasons to shine. Meet her in our profile below, in which she spills the beans on some big news (sexy, comfy nursing bras are on the way, mamas!).

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