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Ugly Christmas Sweaters You May Actually Want To Wear

Written by Mindy White

Photography by Image via Wanelo

It’s the time of the year for joyous gatherings, dinners, and parties–ugly Christmas sweater parties, that is. So, maybe you’ve never been to one and you’re not sure “how ugly” to go? You could always borrow your grandma’s vintage one, but personally, you want to look a little cute, and hers is, well, not. Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of holiday sweaters that qualify, and yet, are actually attractive! Whether you’re headed to a themed party, or just want a festive sweater to romp around in while shopping, you’re sure to find one here. Just a warning, you may find yourself wanting all of them…but we say, why have one festive sweater, when you can have 25—one for each day leading up to Christmas?

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