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Want/Need: Ultra Violet Kids

Written by Jennifer Riley

Photography by Photos Via Ultra Violet Kids

Has this happened to you? You find yourself on the hunt for that elusive must-have garment, the one that will surely make your outfit complete. Be it the perfect summer dress, light-weight romper, or printed pant, only to come across said coveted item on a pint-sized form? A little one so stylish that you find yourself asking, “Why cant they make this in my size?” If this hasn’t happened to you yet, then it certainly will after taking a peek at the mini-models over at Ultra Violet Kids.

With 15 years of experience as a women’s designer, Michelle Chaplin makes it no secret that she is “on a mission to make grownup clothes for the not yet grown up.” Based in Silverlake and made entirely in the U.S., the wares (which we first spotted in this Mother profile) live up to their mantra of simple yet sophisticated, fun but not fussy. Think: Harem pants, crop-tops, and jumpers in bold, block prints, as well as baby turbans. (Yes, baby turbans!)

Inspired by her daughter (and muse) Violet Grace, Chaplin launched the line in March 2014, after her friends demanded copy-cat pieces of a crop-top-and-harem-pants combo she made for her daughter’s birthday ensemble.

Want a copy-cat piece of your own? Check out the $22-$70 goods online, and keep your eyes peeled for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, featuring over 15 designs in a multitude of fabrics. “It’s so fun and rewarding to make clothing that mothers like the look of and kids like the feel of,” the designer says.

Now, if only we didn’t find ourselves asking why they don’t come in our size… Mommy-and-me, anyone?

Ultra Violet 2

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