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6 Easy Veggie Side Dishes That Will Wow Your Guests

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photography courtesy of The Forest Feast Mediterranean

Whether you’re hosting a massive feast or heading elsewhere and just responsible for a dish or two, we are betting most people will be logging some extra hours in the kitchen over the next few months. Personally, when cooking for special occasions, we like to heed the advice we find ourselves giving on a daily basis: Eat your veggies! Offering plenty of vegetarian options on the table isn’t just a boon for those who take a pass on meat—even the most committed omnivore should be aiming for that rainbow plate. So, we asked cookbook author and artist Erin Gleeson of The Forest Feast to share 6 of her favorite vegetarian side dishes from her new book, The Forest Feast Mediterranean. From a fresh take on green beans to a simple (and mouth-watering) way to dress up sweet potatoes, we will definitely be setting a few of these next to our turkey—or tofurky—this year. Click through them all and pick a few (or all!) to add to your table this season.

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