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We Want To See: I Am Eleven

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Video Via I Am Eleven/Vimeo

What were you like when you were 11-years-old? Honestly, we can hardly remember. But seeing the new documentary I Am Eleven will surely make all of those memories start flooding back.

Directed by Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey, the award-winning movie was filmed over a six-year time span in fifteen countries, resulting in an intriguing POV of what it means to be a tween across the world.

Whether they’re children that bathe with the elephants in Thailand or those living in single-parent households in inner-city Australia, Bailey quizzes the kids on everything from music and family to war and terrorism to insightful and oftentimes hilarious results.

Peep the trailer above and check out your local listings. We know what we’re up to this weekend.

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