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Photographed by Michelle Drewes
Mother Stories

The Teen Bedroom: Logan And Wendy Polish

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Michelle Drewes

The teen bedroom—it’s one of those things that’s immortalized in film, looks different for every single kid, and is often the first time your offspring can really have a space all of his or her own, filled with stuff that truly expresses who they are and a place where they can spend hours upon hours (upon hours). To explore these infinitely intriguing spaces, we’ve hunted down three teens (and their cool mamas) to invite us into their rooms, all upgraded with select pieces from the newly launched RH TEEN. First up is the almost 15-year-old Logan Polish, daughter to Le Feu De L’Eau co-founder Wendy Polish. Step right in!

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