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Gift Guide: What To Buy A 4-Year-Old

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Those toddler years? They’re in the rearview mirror. At 4-years-old, your little one is officially a “big kid” with tastes, opinions, and interests all of his or her own. So, for the special preschooler in your life, we say get ’em what they want…even if the toys don’t exactly fit your personal aesthetic. Of course, a lot of the items in our What To Buy A 3-Year-Old gift guide still apply, and you’ll even see some overlap below. The rest cater specifically to a 4-year-old’s “do it myself” attitude, sturdy coordination, and interest in the usual suspects—superheroes, princesses, cats, listening to chapter books, playing dress-up, burning off energy outdoors—that often define this age group. Trust us—if you choose wisely off of this list, you’re sure to receive an ear-to-ear grin in return.

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