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Let’s Steal It From The Boys

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed by James Kicinski-McCoy

Let’s face it, we all steal our guys’ things here and there, whether it be their super-soft t-shirts and their ultra cozy house robes or their thick lather shaving cream and multi-blade shavers. Not to mention, there’s just something about the boyish look that’s effortlessly chic (and easy!) for women. We’re not the first ones to think so, either—Audrey Hepburn was a big fan of button-downs and oxfords in the ’60s, Diane Keaton nailed the iconic mens’ tie look in Annie Hall in the ’70s, women started wearing mens’ inspired suiting in the ’80s, and it was all about the tomboy-grunge look with oversized-flannels and leather moto-jackets in the ’90s. Need we say more? Read on for our must-steal items below.

T-shirts. Almost every guy has a drawer full of his old t-shirts. There’s nothing better than throwing on a pair of jeans with your guy’s perfectly-aged college tee.

Dress Shirts. A favorite of ours, mens’ dress shirts are a good option for when you want something a little more chic. Roll up the sleeves if you like to create layers and rep a more casual, on-the-go look. Dress up the ensemble a bit by adding a pair of heels, so it doesn’t feel too masculine.

Razor. Let’s be honest, mens’ razors just feel like they work better than women’s, right? Maybe the blades are made to be sharper and stronger to tackle coarse beard hair (or maybe we just think so)? Either way, we bet you’ll never want to go back to your pink girly one! We love Every Man Jack’s Manual Razor.

Shaving Cream. Have you ever noticed that womens’ shaving cream seems to be twice as expensive as mens? And guess what? We’ve found that male products tend to be foamier while women’s products glide on more like lotion. So it comes down to preference—if you like a good lather, grab your guy’s shaving cream and save some dough.

Socks. Mens tube socks make for the best boot socks! Wool socks are the best socks for winter—thick, warm, and cozy. Also, they’re generally bigger, so in cold weather, you can wear them as knee-highs.

Cologne. If you find that most perfumes are too sugary-sweet for your skin, we feel you. We’re a big fan of unisex fragrances around here. We love the way they lightly scent without being overbearing. Reach for your man’s cologne if it’s subtle, or try a good unisex spritz like Le Labo Santal 33 or Tobacco Vanilla Eau De Parfum.

Robe. Men’s robes just seem to be cozier, fluffier, and softer. Not that we don’t love womens’ robe designs, but something about our man’s just feels better! It’s like wearing a blanket with arms. We especially love robes made of waffle or terry knit.

Sunglasses. Don’t tell us you’ve never drooled over your boyfriends ray-bans or aviators before. Mens sunglasses typically are designed with minimal features, leaving them to be the perfect unisex accessory. Next time you’re headed out the door, grab his! Perfect examples include Ray-Ban Tortoise Sunglasses and Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviators.

Booze. Typically, guys are the best at finding great craft beer—it’s basically in their DNA. If there’s a new beer in the fridge, chances are, it’s worth trying. Some guys also tend to like higher quality liquor, which makes for a perfect steal.

Baseball Hat. Bad hair day? No problem. Throw on your dude’s cap when there’s not time to shower or you need to get out the door fast. The laid-back look is perfect for errands or outdoor activities. It’s an effortlessly cool accessory when paired with jeans or denim shorts, a loose tee, and converse sneakers.

Watch. Mens’ watches tend to be minimal, classic, and oversized, creating the perfect accessory for your wrist. Whether paired with a mens’ button-down or a classic t-shirt, watches can dress up the look up, just right! We love Daniel Wellington’s Classic Sheffield Watch.

Pajama Pants/Sweats. Probably one of our favorite things to borrow from our men is their pjs and sweat pants. We love a classic flannel, plaid, or French terry. They’re also (usually) a bit roomier, giving you maximum comfort around the house.

House shoes. We’re guilty of slipping on our guy’s slippers a time or two. They’re another cozy steal for when it’s cold indoors. We love Kauffman Mercantile’s Men’s Leather House Shoes.

Boyfriend Jeans. There’s a reason why the boyfriend jean is so hot right now! They look and feel amazing. Of course, you could always buy the trendy womens’ version, but why not go for the real thing (and save your pennies!)? Especially when they’re already worn.

Is there anything that you steal from your man that we missed on our list? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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