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Your January 2017 Horoscope

Written by Christie Craft


We’re starting off the new year with our column from Christie Craft. See what the stars have in store for you this month by reading a general overview below, and click into your sign for a more in-depth look. -JKM

Oh, what a year it’s been! We’re all glad to lay 2016 to rest, but not so fast—Mercury, the quicksilver god of communication and technology, has other ideas. This guy doesn’t let go of the past easily, especially when this fast-moving planet is mired in its infamous retrograde phase. Indeed, Mercury finishes out the “bad three weeks” of retrograde in the first week of the New Year, highlighting the importance of wrapping up the loose ends of yesterday’s conflicts and troubles. For some signs, this will mean making outward changes to their physical self, home space, financial standing, business alliances, or social circle. But not a single sign will be able to ignore Mercury’s insistence on turning inward and addressing our foundational selves and fortifying the strength of our values and integrity for the coming year. Simply put: Moving forward towards next year’s goals won’t be possible until we face the past, so expect the resurgence of yesterday’s ghosts until Mercury gets his act together and turns direct on January 8.

On January 12, the Moon will shift to its fullest point in the month, right at home in water sign Cancer. Yes, this sign is Lady Luna’s comfort zone, but this lunation packs a heavyweight punch to the gut with emotionally explosive, unpredictable, and downright prickly energy. Since both Cancer and the Moon rule all things domestic, home and family life are poised to take center stage, sending a shocking shotgun blast to these areas with revelations you may not feel ready to handle. Don’t fret—before this cosmic storm hits landfall, fair-minded Venus will intertwine with imaginative, compassionate Pisces on January 3 where they’ll stay in embrace until February 3. This month-long aspect blesses the more hot-tempered and emotionally eruptive signs with a cool stream of forgiveness and unconditional love. Each and every one of you have what it takes to put out any surprise fires in a diplomatic, even-tempered way.

Once the Sun moves into super-compatible air sign Aquarius on January 19, all 12 signs of the zodiac will feel stronger than ever to begin seriously planning their futures. A glorious New Moon in electric, eccentric Aquarius on January 27 will send nourishing vibes to our sense of self-esteem and confidence, encouraging you to celebrate your individuality, unique talents, and remarkable achievements. Let your Freak Flag fly with absolutely no apologies: You’re bound to turn some heads, and maybe even meet some interesting new love interests—plural! The next day on January 28, Mars will stoke the flames of passion as he moves into Aries, a position that graces some with the wherewithal and courage to live life authentically while cursing others with an uncharacteristically ungovernable temper. It’s up to you to master this molten energy and carve out your idea of a picture-perfect life. Until March 9, we’ve all got more than enough energy (and luck!) to make manifest our most intimate dreams.

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