What To Wear When Your Boobs Are HUGE

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Rebekah Cook

9:00 am

Photographed by Maria Del Rio; Styled by Ashley Birondo

You go to put on your favorite top, but it doesn’t fit. Where did these gigantic melons come from?! The myths are true, mamas. Your boobs will get bigger when you’re pregnant, even bigger if you nurse, and if your “ladies” were big to begin with, they are just gonna keep on growing. For some, larger breasts are a welcome change, but for others they’re an annoyance, to say the least. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back (seriously, it’s gonna need all the support it can get!). From coast to coast, we’ve polled our bustiest friends for stellar big-boob style tips. Read ‘em and commit ‘em to memory.

Of course, we also want to hear from you! Let us know your own best buxom fashion advice in the comments below.

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Ashley Antkowiak

Ok, so I’m wondering if this was actually written by someone with a big bust? A 36H myself, I’ve done extensive research on this subject and feel that I must share!

First, please don’t recommend button downs unless it’s this amazingly roomy one from Tradlands. And never wear frocks with a high neckline! Always go for a v or scoop neck. If you do find a button down that doesn’t “pop”, leave a few buttons undone at the top to create that V.

As far as bras go, I’m in love with Chantelle’s DDD+ bras. This one is my absolute favorite.

For sports bras, I’m a runner and I have never found one as supportive or comfortable as Enell. They’re expensive but worth every penny.

Nursing bras are really tricky, and the best one I’ve found is this one by Anita.

Jcrew’s v neck tees are my favorite and are roomy without looking baggy.

Shopping for swim suits is the worst! Look for an underwire bikini or tankini sized like a bra, and buy one exactly your size. It’ll be expensive but worth it.

Last, in my opinion, oversized never looks good on a big bust. Go for something fitted or skimming with a lower neck line and flaunt your shape instead of trying to hide it. You’ll feel better and look better.

I hope that helps anyone else who read this article and thought “bummer”.


    I’m a 36I – say no to oversized tops or flowy anything unless you want to look heavy. You should always go more fitted. V necks a must and pay the money to buy something that dis properly or have something altered to fit you.
    I have found that vintage one pieces with the plastic boob cups fit the best


5’5″,110 lbs, 34 DD here. The biggest issue I have with these dresses and jumpsuit is the lack of a waistline. Anything that fits like a bag (and I love this style on others) will make a busty girl look bigger all around. Maybe add a belt for a quick fix.

Katie F

I have larger breasts, 38DD and think these tips are spot on! Thanks!


Also, I’m so tired of people wth D sized boobs saying they have big breasts. Please. Pleaasssse.

    Ashley Antkowiak

    I know! They can shop anywhere! It’s hard not being plus sized and being big busted, too, because lots of stores will only carry big cup sizes starting with a 40″ band. So frustrating!


I must say I agree with these comments…
5′ nothing, 110lbs and 32 DD when NOT breastfeeding ( up to a E-G cup when!)
The best things I’ve found to wear are wrap-dresses ( amen to no high-necked foolishness)
Low neck-lines, a-line skirts and no ruffles, fringes or buttons on the top half! Unless you want the girls looking fussy, that is ;)
The sturdy-bras were at least right though!

S Shepard

My breasts have exploded this 2nd pregnancy and I was already on the large size. I appreciated the bra suggestions in this post and will check them out. But that off the shoulders swimsuit is definitely a joke. Anyone with big breasts knows you need support and that suit clearly has zilch. But I do appreciate this post as this topic rarely gets attention.


While the bras are spot on (especially the plunge! I have a version of this from VS and love it) I don’t agree with the oversized options for shirts and dresses. My boobs aren’t hugr but they are big enough where those cuts make me look like a tent. I’d love to learn about some cool wrap tops or accessible v-necks that don’t overdo it.