18 Kids Books That Challenge Gender Norms

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Ashley Koch of Vibrantly Healthy Kids

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Because we see great value in raising kids with healthy, positive gender development, we set out to find children’s books that break the mold when it comes to celebrating gender in all of its possible expressions. The world is sending our children subtle messages about themselves everyday. We as parents have great influence on whether our children can feel confident in their own skin to explore who they are. This cast of diverse books gives us the tools to raise kids who are respectful of their peers as they express all sides of themselves. There are great stories of happiness, acceptance, and at times adversity. We love these reminders that there is not just one way to be a boy or girl and that “toys are toys” and “clothes are clothes.”

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Kids Books That Challenge Gender Norms • Vibrantly Healthy Kids

[…] out this list we put together of 18 Kids Books That Challenge Gender Norms for MotherMag. We are thankful to attend a preschool that celebrates raising kids with healthy, positive gender […]


Thank you for this great list, as a mother, educator, and student with a focus on multi cultural understanding it’s always lovely to come across new tools to add to my collection.

Janna Barkin

This really hits home for me. As the mother of a transgender child, and a preschool teacher, I struggled to find age appropriate books that reflected my child’s experience.
This list is full of great suggestion. I especially love I Am Jay by Beth Reichmuch! Gorgeous illustrations and simple yet inspiring text.

I write about my parenting experience in my recently published book He’s Always Been My Son – a mother’s story about raising her transgender son.

Written with warmth and humor, He’s Always Been My Son reminds us to accept others for who they are and will support, educate and inspire anyone who reads it.

Find out more at my blog http://www.hesalwaysbeenmyson.com

Celebrating Diversity and Raising Good Humans • Vibrantly Healthy Kids

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