Paths to Motherhood: Open Adoption

Written by

Katie Hintz-Zambrano

9:30 am

Photographed by Sarah Hebenstreit

Knowing that not all families are started the super traditional way (i.e. girl gets pregnant with ease, pops out baby), we bring you our column Paths To Motherhood, highlighting women who have taken a less-than-typical route to becoming a mother. Today we bring you the touching story of San Francisco stylist and event designer Myka Haddad, who, after a nearly 6 year journey, became a mother to beautiful baby boy Dayton (“Day”) Ray through open adoption. Grab a tissue and pull up a seat!

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Amazing woman. I’m struck by her strength and openness to nurture a relationship with the birth mother. Like she said, it would be so hard to go through those emotions together.

Day is heavenly!

Julie Keegan

Myka!! Oh my goodness, I am crying the most happy, lovely, relatable tears. We too have an open adoption…x 3! 2 girls and a boy. You sharing your story is just so incredible and feels so good to read and see. We don’t know many that share a journey similar to ours…especially in our circle of close friends and family. So to see it is to love it!! It feels very serendipitous every time we ‘run into’ a family that feels like ours. Thank you so much for sharing this and being so open. I am so happy for you and Day and Mama B. Your open hearts will take you far. Our oldest is 7 and it has been a miraculous journey. I can honestly say infertility was the best thing to ever happen to me. Truly. I couldn’t have created more amazing little creatures. Enjoy your amazing little guy! xo


What an amazing story. It’s so nice to see that child will have so much love in his life.


sooo sooo lovely, I had tears in my eyes reading this story, how loved little Day will be by so many people, and how happy I am for Myka.


Thank you for sharing this incredible story, dear Myka and Mother Mag.
For there are so many wonderful ways to motherhood. All meant to be.

Love, a blessed mother of a miracle boy who was born in my heart.


Myka! Your story is an insperation to us all to never give up on our dreams. You and Georges are an amazing couple. Baby Day, Mama B, you and Georges have a heart warming story. I failed at holding back my tears of joy as I read this article. I look forward to your future with you new family.


Powerful story


Lots of love to this beautiful fam. Mine came together by the same kind of miracle and it’s beyond anything I could have hoped for. There truly is no way I could love a child I had birthed any more than I love the sweet son I was blessed with through open adoption. There is enough room in our hearts to love and honor both the birthmother and the child. xo


Gorgeous story. Day, Mom, Dad, Mama B – I root for you all.


Day is AWESOME! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your deeply moving story. Xo