A-List Fashion Stylist And Mama Of Two, Simone Harouche

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy
9:00 am

Photography by Jesse Chamberlin

When it comes to a perfect example of Southern California style, Simone Harouche is your gal. The A-list celebrity stylist, outfitting the likes of Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus, is not only a mega-fashionista herself, but she’s also the mother of two adorable babes, son Dashiel (age 2) and daughter Azlan (5 months). When this busy mama isn’t dressing her Hollywood clientele or juggling her beautiful offspring, she’s working as the designer of her namesake collection of handbags, Simone Camille. Come take a peek inside her home and hear how she does it all.

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Adilene Hernandez

Can she adopt me ! Love everything about the house and Family is beautiful

Rachel Ward

I’m sorry, but that fox pelt throw on the couch is tacky and sad. Fur is just so passe and in bad taste.


What a precious family.


very nice very good

Esther Bambadji Ross

Hello Simone;
My name is Esther Bambadji (maiden name) Ross. I have known, your Grandmother
Camille Harouch, and her daughter (your aunt) Fif, since the 60’s.
I am also the cousin of Mina or Matilde BenAttar.
I knew your dad Michel, and Mom Kathy when they were first dating back in the sixties.
Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting you or your sister.
I saw you once at your cousin Alana’s wedding.
Anyways, I wanted to complement you on your fashion style sense. I was always interested
in being a stylist for people. I had my own design handbags, which were very vintage, and
were selling very well, in certain boutiques. Unfortunately I had to stop making them, as
my health did not permit me to continue. Many people wanted me to start making them again, but my situation at this time does not allow me to do so.
The reason why I am writing you this, (I am not even sure that you will have the chance to read it) but just to let you know that your taste and mine are very similar. I love the
Vintage Bohemian look. I love the look of the 20’s through the 40’s. I also love the
Bohemian classy Hippie look of the 60’s.
If you are interested in knowing more about me, you can ask your Grandmother Camille, or
your Aunt Fif. Fif and I were good friends during the 60’s… We still stay intouch once in
a while. She is busy now with her grandchildren as you know.
The last time I saw your grandmother Camille was at an Enrico Macias Concert. We were
sitting next to each other.
Anyways, I wish I had been able to become a stylist when I was younger, as I always had
the talent and the Art experience in design. To this day, many of my friends ask for
my advise when they want to purchase clothes, shoes (I am the queen of shoes) I can open
a shoe store :). My taste in jewelry has always been estate pieces. Love everything that
is old. I live in a beautiful New York Style Building in Encino, not to far from your aunt Fif.
Actually she was the realtor whom I bought it through.
Well thats enough about me. I just wanted to tell you that it is so nice to see the children
of your old friends whom I grew up with being so successful…

Oh! and by the way, you look just like your mom !

Esther B. Ross

Debbie Nelson

To Your Wonderful, Beautiful Parent’s Daughter …..Very Special and Talented Simone……

Many years ago, I was a young executive and had the honor to work with your father
in our crazy industry for a few years, and we celebrated many business successes and laughs along the way, and became friends. I met your Mom as well, on a few occasions,
so much appreciating, the truly special people they are!

You, along with your sister, were very young and I believe you even signed a Christmas/Holiday Card to me from your family. It may have been a family tradition but that shows the family unit you were raised in.
I could tell from your signature, you were TO BECOME A TRUE TALENT:)!

SO OFTEN your Dad used to speak of you two, and his wonderful family he held so dear.

I have watched your career from afar and been so proud of the Creative Talent and business women you have become, along with the Mother and Wife I am sure you are.

You come from a family who truly shares joy and laughter, along with a tremendous amount of creative talent and unparalleled business ethics, and a strong family unit.

In light of recent events, I wanted to reach out to you from a distance and let you
know many good thoughts come your way, from myself as I am sure so many others.
One never knows what tomorrow brings, so we appreciate today.

Proud of you! Overwhelming Gratitude & My Love to your Parents & Family,

Debbie Nelson