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Photographed by Britney Gill
Mother Stories

Meet Garmentory Co-Founder & Mother of Two, Adele Tetangco

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Britney Gill

Style, business acumen, two gorgeous girls, and a healthy sense of humor—Adele Tetangco has it all. Which makes her the perfect pick for our very first Canada-based profile. The Vancouver mama of two (Jayme, 18, and Cielo, 6) is the co-founder of Garmentory, the innovative retail platform for independent designers that she launched in 2014. The company now showcases over 530 designers (it started with 25) and accounts for 30% of some of these brands’ online sales. A proud feminist who supports female-lead companies (and is raising two little ladies herself), we were thrilled to be invited over to Tetangco’s minimalist abode to discuss fashion, being a teen mom, Netflix binging, inescapable mom guilt, Canada’s envy-inducing maternity leave policy, how motherhood hasn’t influenced her career path, and much more.

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