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Aimee Winchester On Raising Four Girls In Byron Bay

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed By Bridget Wood

We have the opportunity of coming into contact with countless inspirational moms on a daily basis—including those we’ve profiled and many we hear from via the comments section on the site and social media. Listening to these women and being mothers ourselves, we know being a mom is no easy feat. And, with each additional bundle of joy added to the brood, the demands (and rewards) of the job multiply exponentially. Toss in the responsibilities of running a successful business, and you’re only beginning to scratch the surface of the juggling act skillfully executed by this morning’s profile subject, Aimee Winchester.

Here, the easygoing, “down under” mama of four daughters (Coco, 10, Autumn, 8, Juniper, 4, and Clementine, 2) and founder of boutique children’s sleepwear label, Little Winnie, makes parenting look like a walk along the coast at golden hour (literally). But, as we all know, with each Instagram-worthy photo comes a mother’s own personal struggles, triumphs, and everything in between. That said, we recently sat down with the easy-going super mama at the cozy, and feminine-forward home she’s created alongside her family to discuss everything from starting her brand and the challenges of finding a good work-life balance surrounded by little women.

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