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Photographed by Modern Nest Photography
Mother Stories

Vancouver Mama Alison Mazurek on Raising Two Kids in 600 Square Feet

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by

Photographed by Modern Nest Photography

There are the things we think we need, and then there are the things we actually need. Alison Mazurek has grown incredibly familiar with that distinction. She and her husband were perfectly happy with their 600-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment, with its soaring ceilings, generous natural light, and close proximity to Vancouver’s cool restaurants and shops, but when they learned they had a baby on the way, their initial thought was that they would surely need more space. But when baby Theo arrived, he was just as content with their cozy home. With each new milestone—Theo toddling around, the arrival of baby sister Mae, both babies growing into running, jumping little kids (now 5 and 2)—Alison heard that familiar refrain: “But surely now you’ll need more space.” Turns out, they didn’t. Today, Alison has become something of a small-space evangelist with her blog 600sqftandababy, where she shares all the details of her dreamy, efficiently designed home, and muses on why living with less is what’s best for her and her family. Alison invited us over and gave us an up-close-and-personal look at how four people co-exist peacefully in a petite apartment, and how small-space living has informed the way she mothers. Click through for the full tour!

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  1. rachel says...

    obsessed with alison and her blog! such a great interview and gorgeous photos.

  2. More space just means more to clean. We’re currently renting a 2000 sf house and it’s way too big for our family of 5. Our kids (3,4 & 6) all insist on sharing a bedroom, so our 3rd bedroom (that we thought we would need) is basically a miscellaneous toy, junk room that is forever a mess. We’ve been searching for something smaller to rent/buy, however the housing market where we live is very slow so we may be in this mansion forever. I love that this family of 4 is making it all work in 600sf. Bigger does not always = better.

  3. Steph says...

    Beautiful photos and interview with the loveliest family ♥️

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