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Real Mom, Real Recipe: Steamed Veggie Spring Rolls

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed by CHELSAE ANNE

Feeding your family each day is easier said then done. For many parents, it’s actually quite a challenge. From meal planning and grocery shopping, to meal prep and leftovers, creating dishes that you, your spouse, and the kids will eat can feel like a chore. We’ve tapped one mama who’s got the nutritious family dinners down to a science. Meet Andrea (Drea), the voice behind OhDearDrea and author of the upcoming vegan/plant-based cookbook The Plantiful Table. Today the sub-tropic, south Floridian mom to Marlowe, age 5, serves up one of her go-to family recipes, Steamed Veggie Spring Rolls, and dishes about her journey with veganism and motherhood below.

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