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noomoon sf angela tafoya
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Angela Tafoya , Owner of NOOMOON

noomoon sf angela tafoya

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Maria Del Rio

After working 10+ years as a writer and editor, Angela Tafoya was looking for a change. Enter NOOMOON, her incredibly chic secondhand kidswear shop based in San Francisco.

Before NOOMOON, what were you doing?

"Before NOOMOON, I was working as the editorial director of branded and talent at Domino. I’ve been an editor in the design and lifestyle space for over 10 years, working as an editor at Refinery29, Lonny, and PopSugar."

Why did you want to try something so different?

“I think after doing something for so long, as humans, we naturally crave challenges and need to explore new frontiers. But, for me, I had just had my second child and it really shifted my perspective on how I wanted to spend my time. I was no longer as excited by what I was doing and didn’t want to spend countless hours behind a screen anymore or to contribute to consumerism in the way I was. I was craving a more intentional lifestyle and to build something of my own.”

“Kids cycle through clothing so quickly. I truly believe that the circular model is the way of the future.”

How did the idea of NOOMOON come to be?

“I’m a big secondhand shopper and truly believe that the circular model is the way of the future. I get so excited by the idea of finding a piece for myself or my kids that I’m giving a new life. And, I love passing things on once my time with them has expired. Plus, it’s typically a more affordable way to shop. Kids cycle through clothing so quickly, so the idea of building something that contributes to the planet in a positive way excited me a lot. I love fashion and design, so I wanted to offer an edited approach to the inventory (specialty brands alongside everyday pieces) and apply my experience as an editor to the overall concept.”

“The name NOOMOON comes from the lunar cycle with new moons symbolizing welcoming in newness and full moons releasing—so the name also speaks to the concept of the store.”

Tell us about the beautiful design.

“We worked with designer Rosy Fridman on the space. I was looking at another storefront a few blocks up but it fell through. And then one day we were walking in my neighborhood and found this pint-sized place for lease. The next day, after I decided we’d pursue this new spot, I met Rosy! It was all so cosmic.”

“We had a meeting to go over what my goals for the space were and then from there, she had this incredible vision to make the shop feel whimsical, playful, and surreal using a gridded pattern that covers the floors, ceilings, walls…everything.” 

“We wanted to challenge what traditional secondhand shopping felt like. We wanted secondhand pieces to feel just as beautiful and presentable as walking into a concept shop. So, we kept the merchandise contained on one side of the wall while the grid enveloped the rest of the shop. I commissioned these incredible oversized pillows that spell NOOMOON by artist Elena Stonaker. The entire shop just feels happy and that was exactly our goal.”

How would you describe your goals for NOOMOON in a nutshell?

“The goal for the store right now is to create and offer a unique experience to local shoppers and have them leave excited about a cool secondhand come up—all while using the transformative power of design.”

“I wanted to start with community/IRL first because that is what I personally was craving, especially in a post-COVID era. Now that the doors are officially open, I am going to continue to tune into the space and what its needs are as time goes on. I plan on doing community-driven events and eventually want to offer an online component.”

We’ve noticed an uptick of millennial moms in different cities opening these spaces—why do you think this is?

“I think what’s happening is a true Big Magic moment. The idea wants to EXIST in some capacity, and in this instance, multiple ways. I think the concept of creating something that impacts our earth’s well-being in a positive way is something that a lot of us are thinking about. And, the more people trying to foster that, the better. Everyone has their own approach and POV and no two people will do it the same.”

What are other ways your family tries to live more green?

“I love that you put 'tries' in this question, because that’s really what it’s all about. Trying. I think over time this idea of living a 'zero-waste' lifestyle or not doing enough creates a narrative of shame and self-doubt. There is no right/wrong way! By simply trying, you’re on the right track. But, some things we’ve added to our routines and lives are: we swapped out most of the plastic within our home, we walk as much as we can, we compost/recycle, and don’t use single-use plastic. Of course, I shop mostly secondhand, too. And, I try (like really really try) to not give Jeff Bezos any more of my money.”

What are some of your favorite items you’ve seen float through the shop so far?

"Oh, so many good pieces have come in! There are these beautiful Tambere quilted and cropped jackets I can’t WAIT to put out. We also have a lot of really special Misha & Puff pieces out on the floor right now, too. It’s so fun seeing all the cute pieces roll in. I get most excited by the pieces that are fun, playful, and unique!

“I love fashion and design, so I wanted to offer an edited approach to the inventory (specialty brands alongside everyday pieces) and apply my experience as an editor to the overall concept.”

What about any favorite experiences as a new shop owner?

"Meeting so many amazing families! I’ve had so many kind and supportive people come in and share their excitement about the space and concept and that has been really rewarding. Our first day of opening we had someone come in RIGHT when we opened and I just loved chatting and hearing how excited people were. I also really do get a thrill from seeing people walk out with fun secondhand pieces. It makes me happy."

Besides NOOMOON, what’s been inspiring you lately?

"I just finished the Netflix series about blue zones and am fascinated by the common links and ways people thrive in these parts of the world. It’s truly amazing to see these centenarians so engaged with life. It’s beautiful and a nice reminder on how focusing on the tenants of true wellness (movement, sun, food, breath) are directly linked to positive health benefits."

"And, speaking of true wellness, breathwork practitioner Ashley Neese just launched a new book, Permission To Rest. I love love loved her first book, How To Breathe, and can’t wait to dive into this one. Breathwork has been an important part of my well-being routine and I love Ashley’s approach to wellness."

"I’m also feeling inspired to start a Substack for NOOMOON—so stay tuned there!"

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