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Photography by Morgan Pansing
Mother Stories

Author, Homeschool Teacher, & Mama-Of-Three Ashley Sirah Nicole Chea

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Morgan Pansing

We are all too familiar with the juggle: As parents, professionals, creatives, partners, and individuals, it can sometimes feel as if our various roles are at odds, fighting for shreds of our time and attention. And then there are the other moments—when we seem to be firing on all cylinders, and somehow, all of our energies and purposes are working in harmony, propelling us forward. While we have yet to encounter someone who has cracked the code completely, today’s mama seems to have found a solid groove in that good spot: Ashley Sirah Nicole Chea is a dedicated mama of 3 and a consummate creative, and has focused her drive, talents, and passion on things that both fulfill her and make her an incredible mama, to boot. Following in the footsteps of her own mother, she has opted to homeschool her 3 daughters. And with the aim of creating a more inclusive world for them, she has authored a kids book, Beautiful Beautiful Me, that celebrates skin colors of all shades, and launched an educational movement around the concept. As a co-founder of MomsInColor, she is constantly creating safe, welcoming, and supportive spaces for fellow black mamas, and strengthening her family’s community along the way. She is a living, breathing example of what happens when actions follow intention. Ashley invited us into her L.A. home to talk all things motherhood, homeschooling, personal style, and keeping the creative juices flowing. Dive into our gallery below and meet this inspiring, multitalented mother.

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  1. AuntieDonna says...

    I just saw you and your husband on Marriage Be Hard, with Kevin and Melisa. I am now a fan. My pray for you is God, continue to bless you, your family with all of the blessings of the most High God. Father, keep this family safe, protect them from all evil-spiritual and physical. Bless them to succeed in all that You have prepared for them. In Jesus Christ name I pray. And in Jesus name it is done. Amen

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