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baby name trends for 2023
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The 10 Hottest Baby Name Trends For 2023

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Ani Dimi

2023 is here! Which means many folks—including baby-name trackers—are plotting the trends that’ll rule the new year. Over at Nameberry, the top 10 baby name trends for 2023 have been revealed and they represent a shake-up appropriate for our uncertain times.

As Nameberry founder Pam Redmond explains: “As in the 1920s and 60s, there’s a wish to leave everything from the ‘before’ times behind. In the 20s, it came after the flu epidemic, World War I, the revolutions. In the 60s, it followed World War II and the conservative 1950s. At both junctures feminism was a force. Social mores loosened a lot.”

The warp-speed nature of today’s internet culture is also shaping what individualistically-minded Millennial parents are naming their babies. “Social media and pop culture (over)exposure are already making names and styles feel played out at the point where, in previous generations, they would only just have been catching on,” the site explains.

Below, are Nameberry’s Top 10 baby name trends for 2023:

1. Maximialist Names. More is more with “extravagant” and fantastical options that give “confident main character energy.”
Examples: Amadeus, Ambrosia, Andromeda, Casimir, Cassiopeia, Cleopatra, Draco, Esmeray, Lazarus, Lysander, Mazikeen, Octavius, Perseophone, Valarian, Venus, Wednesday, Wolfgang, Zebedee.

2. Names So Out They’re In. Look out for ’80s style names that were “basic” back then, but suddenly cool again.
Examples: Billy, Blane, Carey, Chrissy, Dallas, Dustin, Eddie, Ferris, Hank, Heather, Jeanie, Johnny, Julie, Laurel, Marcie, Marty, Robin, Ren, Richie, Sandy, Sloane, Sonny, Suzie, Todd, Penny, Perry.

3. Gilded Names. Shiny names that feel “bright, luxurious, and optimistic.”
Examples: Apollo, Atarah, Aura, Eos, Golden, Goldie, Glow, Halo, Helios, Lucien, Lux, Marigold, Ochre, Oriana, Orla, Royalty, Shine, Solana, Soleil, Sovereign, Sterling, Sunday, Sunshine, Zora.

4. Neo-Cowboy Names. Blame it on all the popular Western-style dramas that are now streaming.
Examples: Abbott, Beck, Boone, Brando, Briggs, Dacre, Django, Dutton, Ennis, Foster, Hawkins, Huck, Jones, Lloyd, Rhett, Rhodes, Ridge, Sayer, Steele, Tex, Truett, Wade, Wilder.

5. Traveling Lite Names. Monikers that end in “i” that offer international appeal, without “feeling too strongly tied to any place in particular.”
Examples: Bibi, Esti, Ezri, Gigi, Indi, Kali, Kiki, Kiri, Leni, Lumi, Mari, Mavi, Nori, Rafi, Ravi, Remi, Rumi, Suki, Tavi, Xavi, Yoli, Yuki, Zuri.

6. X-tra Names. The “X” factor has never felt fresher!
Examples: Ajax, Beaux, Bellatrix, Bronx, Calix, Dixie, Felix, Fox, Hendrix, Jinx, Moxie, Nixie, Nyx, Onyx, Pax, Pixie, Rex, Roux, Xenia, Xia, Xiomara.

7. Adjective Names. Blame it on all the celebrities naming their kids these “modern virtue names.”
Examples: Brave, Bright, Celestial, Divine, Epic, Eternal, Glorious, Heavenly, Icy, Legendary, Lovely, Loyal, Lucky, Majestic, Noble, Powerful, Righteous, Savvy, Sincere, Stellar, Supreme, True, Valiant, Wavy, Wild, Winsome, Worthy, Zealous.

8. Grandpa Names For Girls. A hybrid trend that combines the unisex baby name trend and the hottest “grandpa/grandma” monikers.
Examples: Andie, Arlo, August, Billie, Bobbie, Clarke, Davie, Drew, Frankie, Gene, Georgie, Iggy, Ira, Jasper, Joey, Jude, Lenny, Lou, Max, Miller, Monroe, Murphy, Ozzie, Ray, Rudy, Scottie, Stevie, Teddy.

9. Blue-Green Names. Deep hue-inspired names with nature-centric vibes.
Examples: Azure, Bluebell, Blues, Caspian, Cerulean, Cielo, Cyan, Emerald, Fern, Forest, Halcyon, Indigo, Ivy, Lazuli, Lupine, Marina, Moss, Navy, Ocean, Rivers, Sage, Sapphire, Sky, Storm, Wave.

10. Mix & Match Names. Parents are now inventing their own names by mashing up their favorites.
Examples: Aylani, Aziel, Beauden, Bowyn, Braven, Cyaire, Ellowyn, Emberly, Foxton, Icelyn, Kailo, Kehlani, Khairi, Larose, Maebry, Novarae, Oakland, Rhyett, Winry, Wrenley, Woodson.

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