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The 40 Baby Names At Risk Of “Going Extinct” In 2024

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Nicki Sebastian

We’ve already filled you in on the hottest baby names of 2024 (Mauve, Isla, Felix, Hugo, and nearly 200 others). And while fresh-feeling monikers are being ushered in by a new generation of parents, there’s also a group of names that is being pushed down the ranks into retirement or—as BabyCenter puts it—possible extinction! In its latest report from the front lines of the baby-naming game, the site lists 40 baby names at risk of going extinct. This include classic ’80s babies names like Brooke, Amanda, Angela, Diana, Michelle, and Brady, and a bunch of boys’ names ending in “-aden” (Jaiden, Aiden, Raiden). But, as we know from tracking these things closely, these names that have taken a tumble will likely be having a moment themselves in several years time.

Check out the names falling in popularity on Babycenter’s list:

Girls Names:
1. Brooke
2. Blake
3. McKenzie
4. Brooklynn
5. Charli
6. Raegan
7. McKenna
8. Finley
9. Amanda
10. Michelle
11. Adelynn
12. Ariah
13. Gracelyn
14. Cali
15. Diana
16. Sawyer
17. Alaya
18. Angela
19. Oaklee
20. Norah

Boys Names:
1. Julius
2. Jaiden
3. Johnny
4. Raiden
5. Reid
6. Brady
7. Nasir
8. Ronan
9. Bradley
10. Clayton
11. Hendrix
12. Princeton
13. Bo
14. Eden
15. Aidan
16. Orion
17. Preston
18. Maximus
19. Baylor
20. Raphael

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