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Photo Courtesy of Good Eggs

3 Delicious Ways To Top A Baguette

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Courtesy of Good Eggs

While the verdict is still out on whether the French have it all figured out with parenting (hello, best-seller Bringing up Bébé!), there is one thing they’ve surely mastered—the art of the fresh baguette. Filled with possibilities, the long, narrow loaf can be topped and served open-face, closed-face, toasted, or ripped off in hunks and served with soup (or nothing else at all). Below, we’ve pulled three recipes from our friends at Good Eggs that showcase a variety of baguette toppings ideas that are sure to satisfy any hungry mama—and maybe even her kids, too. [Ed note: We’ve been living off of the first one all summer long!]

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