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Eyebrow 101: Achieve Beautiful Arches At Home

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photo via That's Life

Big, full, beautiful eyebrows are something that some of us are born with, but if you weren’t blessed with strong arches, or perhaps you over-plucked in high school and your brow game has never been the same, don’t you worry! We are here to tell you that with just a little extra love, a few good products, and a little practice, you can boast beautiful brows in no time.



Shape and Define. Before you start, you’re going to want to trim any long brow strands. Start by brushing your brows upwards with a brow or clean mascara wand or brush. We love the Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush Set. This is an important step to get your brow hair resting naturally, so that you can decide which ones need a snip.

Tweeze. Now it’s time to get rid of those stray hairs by gently tweezing, following your natural brow line. The Tweezerman Pink Perfection Petite Tweeze Set is great for grabbing pesky hard-to-reach hairs. This part can be a little nerve-racking for some. Make sure you don’t over-pluck, as this can cause uneven regrowth and bare patches. If you’re not sure how far to go when you tweeze, you can come back to this step after you fully define your brows. Be sure to apply some Anastasia Beverly Hills After Tweeze Cream afterwards to avoid any irritation, swelling, or redness.

Fill. Using a brow pencil like NARS Brow Perfector or Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color, lightly form the desired shape of your brow, filling in any holes or thin spots. If you’re not a pencil-fan, another great option is a brow powder like Smashbox Brow Tech. You’ll want to use a good brow tool like Bobbi Brown’s Eye Brow Brush to apply product for a more natural look. Both pencils and powders serve the same purpose, it just depends on which method you like best. Be sure to choose a color one shade lighter or one shade darker than your actual brow color, to keep your eyes smooth and natural-looking. A trick that we find helpful is to stand back while filling your brows. This will not only help you make sure to keep them even, but also prevent heavy handedness.

Set In Place. You want to make sure your near-perfect brows stay in place and don’t rub or vanish throughout the day. Do so by applying a clear finishing brow wax like Anastasia Bevelry Hills Brow Fix. To get a fuller, Cara Delevingne-like brow, use a tinted gel or wax like MAC Brow Set or Too Faced Bulletproof Brows. Apply by brushing the thickest part of your eyebrows upwards, starting from the inner corner.

Final Touches. Now that your beautiful brows are set, you can go back with tweezers and snag any hairs you might’ve missed. Remember to tweeze throughout the month to maintain your brow shape.

Treat. If you’ve over-tweezed in the past, or have naturally thin brows, don’t fret! There is a way to get those brows healthy again. The RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner uses special botanicals and peptides to help strengthen, nourish, condition, and help encourage eyebrow growth, promoting a fuller, natural look. This stuff really works wonders on patchy, over-plucked brows!

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