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Mother Essentials: Sarah Polansky of Prismatic Plants

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Harnessing the power of plants to find work-life “balance,” has become the daily mission of San Francisco-based mom Sarah Polansky. The founder of plant-based wellness company Prismatic Plants, Sarah started her entrepreneurial journey after chronic health issues in her ’20s led her to experiment with herbalism and naturopathy and discovering the magic of CBD, CBDa, and CBN to treat her many ailments. Her own products now include a cult-followed Good Day/Good Night duo for 24-hour support, and a new Melt Tension Serum to relax muscles and soothe pain from head-to-toe.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that all three of the elixirs figure into her own day-to-day routine. “With little down time during the week, finding small moments to unwind throughout the day has been key to keeping stress at bay, energy levels high, and positivity flowing,” she explains. Below, the earthy mama shares her 15 Mother Essentials that support her in the hustle-bustle of busy mom life with her 2 1/2-year-old son.

A Bit of Funk in My Wardrobe. “I need color and character in my wardrobe as a creative outlet, and to ’embrace my strange.’ I like to find a few signature staples and then mix them with more low-key everyday essentials. I have a lightweight red Stan Ray coat, Charlotte Stone sandals, Everlane’s sustainably sourced sweaters, and such. To top it off, I add in specially chosen vintage pieces, mostly with some ’60s/’70s flair.” Gloria Sandals, $204, Charlotte Stone. The Oversized Stroopwafel Turtleneck in ReCashmere, $195, Everlane.

Hanna Andersson Jammies. “Just as I love some color in my wardrobe, I adore this company’s patterns for their kids’ pajamas. And they use 100% organic cotton.” Organic Cotton PJs, $38.40, Hanna Andersson.

Weekly Farmer’s Market Outings. “We live in San Francisco and have a superb farmer’s market in walking distance on Saturday mornings. It’s become a nice little tradition of getting out of the house together, finding fresh local surprises, and then using that produce to inspire our dinner that evening. I made stuffed ricotta squash blossoms the other day and it was truly divine!” Peep an S.F. Farmer’s Market List.

Super Natural Simple Cookbook. “This was gifted to me this past Christmas and my household leans on it multiple times a week. The flavors in here are THE BEST and the meals are fast and easy. It’s a great way to churn out a veggie-forward meal at the end of a long work day. Even my discerning 2 1/2-year-old loves it.” Super Natural Simple: Whole-Food, Vegetarian Recipes for Real Life, by Heidi Swanson, $19, Amazon and Bookshop.

Little Witch Hazel. “I discovered this gem of a book at our local library and decided it needed to be a permanent addition to our son’s book collection. It’s a wonderful journey through the forest, its seasons, and the creatures that live there.” Little Witch Hazel: A Year in the Forest, by Phoebe Wahl, $18, Amazon and Bookshop.

Wooden & Ceramic Bowls of All Sizes. “We cook multiple times a day at home and as such, spend a good amount of time with the items in our kitchen. It’s become a little tradition of ours that when we are traveling, we buy a small bowl or two. We have a mix of bowls from all the places we have traveled and it’s a lovely day-to-day remembrance of all our worldly adventures every time we step into our kitchen.” Solid Wood Nesting Bowl, $299, Rejuvenation. Tiny Bowls, $25, Our Place.

Good Day & Good Night Duo. “The products that started my entrepreneurship journey. Prismatic Plant’s yin yang adaptogenic hemp elixirs work for balancing my stress, boosting my mood, helping with mental clarity, and deepening my Zzz’s. I keep these tinctures on hand wherever I go. I’m 4 years into this competitive industry and these products are still the best I have found.” Day & Night Set, $125, Prismatic Plants.

Melt Tension Serum. “This is my latest creation: Reinventing body care with our tension serum. It’s a creamy aloe base full of pain-relieving plants like Hemp, Arnica, St. John’s Wort, and Wild Plai. The nano-emulsion of active ingredients means it penetrates deeper into the dermis and muscle tissue than your standard pain-relieving cream. I like to use it first thing in the morning with a Gua Sha on my neck and shoulders to help combat endless days of computer time. It naturally stimulates blood flow, detoxification, and energy.” Melt Tension Serum, $85, Prismatic Plants.

Matchaful’s Kiwami Single Origin Matcha. “While I love the aroma and smell of coffee, my nervous system simply can’t hang. I look at food as medicine and so have become a matcha convert due to all the amazing health benefits of this green powdered tea. On my quest for the perfect cup, I fell in love with Matchaful’s Kiwami matcha. It’s single origin and meticulously sourced to be free of pesticides. Not to mention super fresh.” Kiwami Single Cultivar Matcha, $39, Matchaful.

Dry Farm Wines. “I thought that wines just didn’t work for me, but then entered natural wines. After discovering that the additives to expedite wine-making were the things that left me feeling lousy after a glass of wine, I found Dry Farm Wines. I’ve been a happy member of their wine club for a couple of years now.” DryFarmWines.com.

Kyte Baby Sleep Bags. “An absolute game changer for little one’s sleep. Made of the softest bamboo fabric, it keeps your wee ones warm if cold, and cool if hot. I kinda wish they made them in adult sizes!” Bamboo Sleep Bag, $50, Kyte Baby.

Infrared Sauna Time. “I try to find time to sauna 1-2x week. I find aside from the healing benefits, it’s a great way to carve out some much needed ‘me’ time and meditate.”

Wim Hof Breathing. “So powerful. I’m amazed at this breathing technique’s ability to reset the nervous system and tap into your body’s deep healing potential.” WimHofMethod.com.

Huberman Labs Podcast. “These episodes are lengthy, but so incredibly insightful and engaging. Dr. Huberman is a neuroscientist who runs a lab at Stanford and breaks down all the trends in health through data and his deep understanding of how the brain works.” HubermanLab.com.

Immersing In Nature. “This is the single best activity for helping with work-life balance IMO. Wandering through nature’s magnificence is the perfect way to step outside of your head and remind yourself of the grandeur of this planet and our connection to it.”

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