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Mother Essentials

Mother Essentials: Bekah Stewart

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Portrait by Tania Varin

It’s been a long while since we caught up with Bekah Stewart, the Kentucky-based mother behind the beloved Instagram feed and Tumblr site A Well Traveled Woman. As one of our very first profile subjects on Mother in 2014, Bekah was originally captured by us in her rustic Louisville home, sharing what it was like to raise her two boys (Tristan and Collin) as a single mom in the country. Now, after taking a 20-month break from the internet and social media, Bekah is back sharing glimpses of her current life, which includes a new house, lots of new pets (parrot, anyone?), travels with her family, pottery work, and her latest big undertaking/career pivot—a beautiful, modern yoga studio called Home Wellness + Yoga. Say “hi, again” to Bekah below, by checking out her simple and inspiring Mother Essentials roundup.

Palo Santos. “I don’t remember where I first learned about palo santos, but it’s been a love affair for a long time. I have sticks in every room of my house, in my car, and yoga studio. The smell is grounding and I love lighting it to clear a room’s energy, but also because life with boys.”
Palo Santos Bundle, $5, AWTW Shop.

Enzycore Capsules. “This will make me sound old. Maybe I am! I carry this with me and pop one anytime my food isn’t sitting well. They smell really gross, so cover your nose and take a drink of water to wash it down. You feel the effects almost immediately!”
Standard Process Enzycore (150 Capsules), $40.80, Amazon.

Rainbow Makers. “I love collecting antique chandelier crystals and hang them in every sunny window of my house for a little everyday magic.”
Magnificent 70mm Prism Faceted Clear Crystal Ball Feng Shui Rainbow Maker, $34.85, Bonanza.

Small Black Pouch. “My friends make these pouches at their ethical artist co-op in Haiti. I carry it everywhere! So nice to have something small when you don’t want a full purse, but also it looks sleek.”
Ti Lalin Leather Pouch, $14.99, Haiti Design Co.

Dot Cup. “After years of trying to find a cup that worked for me, I found Dot. I can’t rave enough. It’s a learning curve, but can really revolutionize your cycle (if you have one).”
Dot Menstrual Cup (Buy One, Gift One To A Girl In Need), $32, Dot.

Thinx Undies. “On the subject of periods…I recently ordered my first Thinx and really love them! Plus, their customer service is really great. If you can get past our societal conditioning that periods are ‘gross,’ these products can really help liberate us menstruating individuals.”
Thinx Underwear, $34, Thinx.

Kathleen Whitaker Studs. “I bought these earrings for myself on my birthday 6 years ago—they’re still the only earnings I really wear. In a simple way they help me feel more put together day-to-day than I probably actually am.”
Long Staple Stud, $40, Kathleen Whitaker.

Apricot Kernel Oil. “I’ve tried many different types of oils, but have been using apricot exclusively for a long time now. I love the simplicity of just having on carrier oil. It’s the lightest of the oils, so I find it best for hair and good for the body/face, as well. I mix it with some of my favorite essential oils (lavender, cedar, frankincense, vetiver) depending on my mood. My whole family uses it and I often mix it for friends, too. It’s never the same, but is always wonderful.”
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, $15.50, Amazon.

Girlfriend Yoga Clothes. “I’m not a huge fan of yoga clothes and definitely not the price tags, but teaching yoga full time got me searching high and low for a better solution than what I was wearing. I found Girlfriend probably through Instagram and decided to give it a try. Their prices are really good for what they offer and it’s all ethically made from recycled bottles. They’re incredibly soft and have made me feel comfortable and empowered while still being simple and unassuming. There’s so much to love. I wear them almost every single day.”
Girlfriend Collective Leggings, $68, Girlfriend Collective.

Misc. Goods Deodorant. “My friend recently ran a kickstarter for a natural deodorant that I was lucky enough to test run. Every product they make is superior, but this really takes the cake. Both smell absolutely incredible and are gender neutral! Our whole family uses it.”
Misc. Goods Co. Natural Deodorant, $12, Misc. Goods Co..

CBD Roll-On. “I started using CBD oil for a wrist injury about a year ago and am completely hooked! I carry this little roller for car travel and use anytime I’m feeling tense or a headache coming on. I roll it on my temples and sides of my neck. Also, the gel works amazing for cramps!”
CBD Infused Roll-On Essential Oil Blend, $20, Blue Ridge Hemp Co.

Soda Stream. “My family goes thought a crazy amount of sparkling water! This little machine helps cut back on packaging and live closer to my waste-free dreams.”
SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker, $69.99, Amazon.

Pottery. “I took my first pottery class at 19 and have been throwing off and on since. It’s a beautiful, grounding practice as well as creative outlet. I’ve worked hard to keep my time working clay sacred. It’s like therapy, but maybe even better.”
Set Of Mini Cups, $30, AWTW Shop.

Cocoa Butter Stick. “My boyfriend gave me this because I kept stealing his. I carry it with me everywhere.”
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, 0.5 Oz Swivel Stick (Pack of 4), $11.87, Amazon.

Plants. “Growing, propagating, and giving plants has always been one of my greatest joys. Taking inventory of the light and condition of your home is important for choosing a house plant. I wish I could help everyone find at least one plant for their space. Being surrounded by nature inside the home and out is the best medicine.”

Tonics and Infusions. “About a year ago I quit coffee for good. My system doesn’t like caffeine! Now, I make a tonic or infusion with different herbs and adaptogens every morning. I have a big selection and mix up according to my mood each day. I notice such a big difference in my day when I start with this simple self love practice.”

Dehydrator. “This was my most recent investment and I’m including it because I haven’t turned it off since I bought it several weeks ago. If you’re into healthy snacks and making things at home, I highly recommend. This has been such a gift to have!”
Excalibur 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator, $249.99, Amazon.

Foraging Walks & Garden Time. “Anything that connects me to nature is essential. Letting my feet touch the earth and connecting to all the sources of nurturing our bodies, mind, and soul need. The incredible thing to me is how much nature offers. There no lack of beauty and healing for us all if we will just slow down enough to open our eyes and hearts to let her in.”

For more on Bekah, be sure to check out her 2014 Mother profile. And for more Mother Essentials, peep our past columns with Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves.

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