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Photography by Emily Scott
Mother Stories

Tiny House Dweller Bela Fishbeyn On Living With Less In the Santa Cruz Mountains

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photography by Emily Scott

If you were to imagine your ideal life, what would it look like? Would you have more stuff, or less? If you’re like us, you probably spend more time fantasizing about downsizing—ditching all the chaos in your closets and chotskies in your cupboards than acquiring more. Bela Fishbeyn had that fantasy herself, and when she and her husband realized they had dumped more than $30k on rent in one year in the Bay Area, they decided it was time for a dramatic change in lifestyle. They ditched their apartment, sold all their furniture, and commissioned a builder who specialized in tiny houses to erect a custom, 300-square-foot abode on a patch of land in the Santa Cruz mountains. They would live with far less than they had before, allowing them to travel far more, and build the kind of life they had always dreamed about. What made this move even more notable was that shortly after giving up their permanent apartment, Bela learned she was pregnant. During a time most couples feel the need to set down roots, and let’s face it, acquire a bunch of questionably necessary stuff, Bela and Spencer were headed solidly in the opposite direction. They actually spent a chunk of Bela’s maternity leave living in Puerto Vallarta, because, well, they could. Today, the family, which includes 3-year-old Escher, live a pared-down life of abundance in their dreamy tiny home, renting it out and traveling for many months out of the year. They show us around their inspiring space—which extends far beyond the four walls of their small structure—and talk all about how making such a change has truly changed their lives. Click through the full tour below!

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  1. Molly says...

    Beautiful home and very inspiring to think of ways I can pair down my family’s lifestyle. Any way to get the white dress info? I love it and must have :)

    • Jas says...

      I think it is mentioned somewhere in the text – it is The Poet Dress by Doen :-)

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