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Mom Style

Mother Love: Boob Prints

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Breasts, boobies, whatever you want to call them, women (and men) have been supporting the growing¬†bare-breast movement (pun intended) that has been taking the internet by storm. With the #freethenipple campaign and the rising number of its supporters, we have noticed an abundance of breasty products popping up on the market. From apparel to housewares, “the boob” is becoming a trend that we kinda dig.

What do you think? Can you get onboard with the tata prints?

Above: Lady Planter, $68, The Sill. Breast Tee, $75, Maurie and Eve. The Boob Tote, $152, Gravel and Gold. Below: Boob pillowcases, $32, Gravel and Gold. Tata Bikini Top, $28, Tatatop.com. Breastmilk The Movie Tote, $20, Breastmilk Shop. Boob Tee, $22, eBay. Georgia Cookie Jar, $225, Jonathan Adler. Jony Shirt, $205, Shop Buru.


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