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All The Buzzy New Books About Motherhood Out Now

Written by Erin Feher

Is it just us, or has musing on motherhood become a white-hot literary genre these days? From humorous essays to political manifestos to deep-dives backed up by plenty of data and reporting, this new crop of books—all released within the past six months—exemplifies just how complex the issues surrounding motherhood really are. We have rounded up more than 20 books that take on motherhood from every angle, from one woman’s memoir about parenting her transgender son, to a journalist’s journey to uncover the hidden costs that nannying and other domestic work takes on migrants, to a compendium of cartoons on the subject of postpartum depression. Click though our full slideshow below, and you’re sure to find one that resonates.

For more inspiring books on parenting, check out the favorite page-turners of the mothers we’ve featured.

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