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A New Survey On Breastfeeding Attitudes Around The World

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Graphics Via Lansinoh

Breastfeeding is always a hot topic around these parts, so a new study commissioned by Lansinoh has definitely piqued our interest. Of course, keep in mind that this is research coming from a company that creates breastfeeding accessories. With that tinge of bias fully disclosed, the 2014 study involved over 13,000 mothers in nine countries—the U.S., U.K., France, China, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Hungary, and Turkey—all aged 18-40, who are either pregnant or have at least one child under two-years-old.

Its findings? The percentage of moms that think “breast is best” was high in all of the countries, with 98% of Chinese and Mexican mothers, 93% of American mothers, and 81% of French mothers reporting so. As for those that would feel guilty for not breastfeeding, 64% of women in the U.S. said yes, meanwhile Germany was the only country where the majority of those surveyed (61%) said no, they wouldn’t feel guilty.

Also to note in the U.S. survey: Celebs Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and Kate Middleton are the three celeb mothers that they identify with most, and one in three moms say they would feel more comfortable breastfeeding if more celebrities were seen nursing.

Want more stats? You can read the whole report or check out the infographics right here. And to further dive into the complexities of breastfeeding, check out the thought-provoking movie Breastmilk.

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