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30+ Pics From Our Lunch With California Closets at Cafe Flora in Seattle

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Kara Mercer

This fall, we took the leap and hosted 3 events in Seattle over a span of 3 weeks (see examples #1 and #2). The last of our triple-header was a fitting end to the flurry of activity—an absolutely lovely lunch at the iconic vegetarian restaurant Cafe Flora, co-hosted by MOTHER and our friends at California Closets and California Closets Seattle.

With the stunning restaurant as our backdrop, we invited a dozen inspiring locals working in interiors and design to gather with us and discuss the meaning of home—a topic that seems more pressing than ever, given the state of the world. Answers included “safety,” “ritual,” “restoration,” “tradition,” “privilege,” “freedom,” “a bus,” “grandma’s house,” “my husband and cat,” “rest,” and so forth.

In addition to our touching and personal conversation, our table came to life with a robust 3-course meal by Cafe Flora and a colorful tabletop display by Heath Ceramics and Idlewild Floral Co. Want to re-live it all with us?

Check out 30+ pics from our event with California Closets and Cafe Flora!

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